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truu original water for
health clubs and the medical health sector.

The purest, most pristine water is an important part of the drive to promote corporate health, of providing excellent training support in health clubs, and it's also a valuable resource in hospitals, rehab centres and care facilities. truu original water refinement systems are also available as a large unit to supply a lot of people with high-quality water that’s perfectly healthy, cell-available and kind to the environment.

Cell-available water for everyone.
truu fountain.
  • 9 levels of refinement
  • 99,6% of all harmful substances are filtered out
  • Tap & Refill – simple withdrawal, automatic refilling
  • Made in Germany
  • V4A stainless steel internally and externally
  • 85-litre glass reservoir
  • Sensor-controlled technology
  • Fixed water connection
  • Attractive pricing models